Microsoft, Adafruit, and Raspberry Pi Team up to Make Machine Learning Easier

Raspberry Pi

Machine learning has a ton of potential applications and even though it’s fascinating, it’s not exactly easy for anyone to access. Now, however, Microsoft, Adafruit, and Raspberry Pi are teaming up to make it easier and more accessible.

Microsoft’s amazing Lobe tool does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to training machine learning models. Likewise, Adafruit developed a full kit around its BrainCraft HAT, which features Raspberry Pi 4 and a Raspberry Pi Camera. Altogether, anyone with access to these is basically off to a great start.

The Raspberry Pi 4 paired with Adafruit’s BrainCraft HAT lets you easily connect hardware as well as debug machine learning projects. You’ll have a 240 x 240 color screen that displays exactly what the camera can see, and there are two microphones for collecting audio input. Plus, GPIO access allows you to also connect things like servos and relays if needed.

Anyone who has dabbled in machine learning will tell you that the toughest part is creating and training a model, so Microsoft Lobe is a welcome addition to the project. It’ll also help experienced users save some time.

You can see the project in action here in this video from Adafruit, as a user trains it to identify different pastries. Interested in trying it out yourself? Check out the easy, medium, and hard tutorials for the project featured now on the lobe-adafruit-kit GitHub and purchase the kit below.

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