MakersPlace Pays Homage to the Heath Ledger Legacy

The NFT world has rekindled its love affair with dead celebrities as it gears up for an auction of rare Heath Ledger photographs, bringing a new insight into the life of the Oscar-winning actor with a host of candid imagery.

Despite his untimely departure from the acting stage in 2008, interest in the late star has refused to ebb, leaving a Heath Ledger-shaped void in the hearts of many of his devoted fans. So, to add a touch of casual intimacy to his legend, MakersPlace has arranged the exclusive sale.

All in all, 15 NFTs will arrive on the MakersPlace NFT marketplace at Noon ET on September 14. Each will feature never-seen images of Heath Ledger as he frolics with wild abandon in various locations around LA. Therefore, resulting in an incredible vision of his enduring character through the lens of master photographer, Ben Watts.

Following the event, proceeds from the sale will in turn benefit the Heath Ledger Foundation. A non-profit charity established to support emerging talent within the showbiz industry. Consequently, ensuring an acting legacy that will continue for generations to come.



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