Lime Prime Increases Scooter Holds and Waives Unlock Fees


The electric scooter and bike company Lime is rolling out a new subscription service, and it’s named — wait for it — Lime Prime. No, this is nothing like Amazon Prime and fast package deliveries. Instead, the subscription will waive scooter unlock fees, give drivers discounts, and extend scooter reservation times.

Essentially, Lime Prime looks to fill the gap between those who use Lime scooters, bikes, or mopeds daily with casual renters that may use Lime Pass.

Depending on where you live, Lime typically charges around $1 to unlock the scooter or bike, then a per-minute fee, usually around 15 cents per minute. Obviously, this can add up over time if you ride frequently.

Users can subscribe to Lime Prime for $5.99 per month, which completely waives that $1 unlock fee on every single ride, which could save daily drivers a lot of money. And if you’re in a region that doesn’t charge an unlock fee, Lime Prime still nets you a 25% discount on each ride for the month.

This is similar to Lime Pass, another subscription service offered by the company, but it’s not limited to a certain amount of rides per day. It’s basically an affordable in-between option for those that use a Lime device several times a day.

More importantly, you can use Lime Prime to reserve a vehicle pickup up to half an hour in advance. Regular users can only reserve a scooter for 10 minutes. If you’re not to the scooter in time, someone else can take it. With Prime, you’ll get a 30-minute window to get to your Lime and hit the road or sidewalk.

In closing, it sounds like Lime Prime will vary by region. Those in the UK can expect to pay £8.99, nearly double the US subscription cost.

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