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LifeSavvy is hiring! We’re looking for writers, but not just any writers. We want folks who live and breathe for the chance to research, compare, and test every product that they even consider buying.

What We’re Looking for

If you never start a conversation at your current job with “What if we … ?” or spend an evening researching everything that there is to know about your next purchase—whether that’s a smartphone or a power drill—this isn’t the job for you. Curiosity is a must.

Speaking of power drills, we’re very interested in candidates with hands-on DIY experience. Whether you’re a handy homeowner, you’ve spent your summers in college working as a building supervisor, or you just love fixing and tinkering so much that you live under the workbench at your local Maker Space, we want to hear from you. If you can wire your own ceiling fan up or fix your washer and dryer—with or without a YouTube video, we don’t judge—then you’re exactly the kind of curious and hands-on person we need.

About the Job

This is a freelance position with an expectation of regular contributions. You’ll have the flexibility of determining how and when you work—that’s the beauty of freelancing—but you will need to be available to interact with the editorial staff in a consistent and responsive manner.

Pay is DOE, but the base rate for a feature article is never less than $100.

The job is remote but limited to applicants in the United States. While our writers and editors are located in every time zone, it’s a bonus for everyone if you’re located in the Eastern time zone.


  • Location: U.S. applicants only.
  • Experience: A minimum of three years of experience with writing is a must. We work in WordPress, so experience with that platform is preferred. All writers are required to write in WordPress. Writers are expected to be familiar with basic image editing techniques and able to resize, crop, upload, and otherwise interact with image files.
  • Gear: A stable, high-speed internet connection with your own computer equipment that’s suitable for the equivalent of office work and light image editing.
  • Motivation and Attention to Detail: You’ll be writing content seen by millions of LifeSavvy Media readers. Don’t waste our time or theirs with mediocre work.

What’s in It for You

We want you to be curious, motivated, and able to deliver content that will delight our readers. But what do you get out of it?

  • Competitive Pay: Pay is DOE, but even if you’re a little green but still talented, it’s not peanut pay. Feature articles are $100, and there’s room for growth.
  • Consistent Pay Schedule: This shouldn’t need to be said, but alas, the world is full of shifty companies that jerk their freelancers around. We pay NET 15, and our accounting department never misses a beat.
  • Great Work Environment: Yeah, yeah, we know. Every company says that they have a great work environment, but we do actually have one. We’re flexible and fun, and the long and fruitful relationships we have with our freelancers attest to that.

How to Apply

Did this job description sound like it was describing exactly how you think about products and projects? Then you know what to do. Head over to to apply!

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