LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs Arrive in July, Offers a More Affordable Alternative to OLED


First shown off at CES 2021, LG’s line of new QNED Mini LED TVs will arrive in the U.S. this July. The Mini LED TVs offer some features seen in OLED TVs, such as deep contrast and vivid colors, but cost considerably less. You can preorder LG’s QNED TVs now at B&H, though a shipping date hasn’t been announced.

Mini LED TVs use light diodes that are much smaller than regular LED TVs, allowing for local dimming zones and other improvements usually reserved for OLED panels. This leads to deeper blacks, better contrast, and more color accuracy. While the contrast and blacks of Mini LED falls slightly short of OLED, the technology is less vulnerable to burn-in and can get much brighter than OLED.

It’s also cheaper than OLED, which is why LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs are slightly more affordable than the company’s OLED models. Here’s LG’s pricing for its Mini LED TVs:

  • QNED90 65-inch 4K: $1,997
  • QNED99 65-inch 8K: $3,470
  • QNED90 75-inch 4K: $2,997
  • QNED90 86-inch 4K: $3,997
  • QNED99 86-inch 8K: $6.497
  • QNED95 8K Models: Pricing Unknown

LG says that these TVs feature HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos support. They feature a 120Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync and brightness levels up to 3,000 nits.

For comparison, LG’s OLED TVs start at $2,797 for a 65-inch model (though they’re on sale for considerably less at B&H). If you’re hurting for a new, high-end TV, then these new Mini LED models are an attractive option.

You can preorder LG’s QNED Mini LED TVs (minus the QNED95 models) now at B&H. Units will ship in July, though LG hasn’t announced an exact shipping date.

Source: LG via Engadget

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