LEGO Will Show You the World With This 11,695 Piece Map Set


Love geography? What about cartography? If you’re an art-loving globetrotter, LEGO is here to spoil you with its new LEGO Art World Map. Oh, and did I mention it contains the most LEGO pieces ever used in a set?

The LEGO Art World Map is the newest member of the company’s expansive Art Collection line, and it even gives you a little room for creative customizations. Though the build isn’t as complex as others, it will still be a challenge to get 11,695 2D LEGO tiles just right. In total, the set measures 25.5 inches (65cm) tall and 40.5 inches (104cm) wide, and you can even hang it up on your wall once you’ve finished it.

The set includes building instructions for properly mapping out the 40 interconnected base plates, but divides them into three sections that you can then arrange in one of three ways. This allows you to set up your favorite part of the world in the center of your map. You can even use customizable brick-built pins to mark the countries you’ve already traveled to if you want.

Colorful tiles let you get creative when it comes to the oceans. You can use them to express the bathymetric mapping of the ocean floor (that depicts a representation of the ocean floor’s depth) or you can add in fun patterns to your liking.

Top-down view of this set's box, and each of the tiles color-coded in separate bowls on a wooden table

While you build, be sure to check out the accompanying soundtrack for the set. LEGO teamed up with Torbjørn C. Pedersen (who was the first person to visit every country in one unbroken journey without flying) and Syazwani Baumgartner (a blogger who has experienced some of the most remote places on the planet) to collect fascinating travellers’ tales.

“We know that our adult fans love to travel, but many haven’t been able to do so for over a year now. We thought that there was no better way of helping explore the world while relaxing in the comfort of their home than by allowing them to build, rebuild, plan and reminisce through building. We hope the LEGO Art World Map will inspire new adventures in some, and help others relive and celebrate wonderful travel memories from the past,” said Fiorella Groves, Creative Lead for LEGO Art.

The LEGO Art World Map set retails for $249.99 and will be available exclusively from LEGO in June 2021. It will become globally available from other retailers starting in August.

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