Kia’s EV6 Electric Car Puts an Augmented Reality Heads Up Display Front and Center


The first details have arrived for Kia’s new electric crossover, called the Kia EV6, and it is super exciting! The vehicle is Kia’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle, and boasts four powertrain models and an AR heads up display.

The stylish EV has a new 800V electric car platform, E-GMP, which allows for ultra-fast charging and other interesting design features. Kia also announced that the EV6 will have four separate powertrain configurations. The entry-level model and the model right above both have rear-wheel drive. The entry-level EV6 includes a 58kWh battery and a single 167 hp (125 kW) electric motor, while the second option offers a bigger 77.4kWh battery pack and a 218 hp (162kW) motor.

The other two models are all-wheel drive with even larger batteries. One outputs 313 hp (233kW), which Kia estimates should let it go 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Lastly, the EV6 GT uses a motor for each axle and has a combined 576 hp (430kW) system. The GT, Kia estimates, should be able to reach 0-60 in an impressive 3.5 seconds.

Kia has yet to make a formal announcement on the exact range of the EV6 vehicles, but it is targeting 300 miles (482km) “across several configurations.” Perhaps the most exciting thing about the vehicle, however, is its cool-looking augmented reality Heads Up Display that projects graphics directly onto its windshield.

The Kia EV6's augmented reality heads up display in action

Inside the car is a panoramic 12-inch TFT center cluster, with a wide and curved infotainment screen. The interior boasts 102 cubic feet of passenger space and 27.7 cubic feet of cargo room at the rear (not even counting the front trunk area, aka the frunk). Four cameras around the car give it a 260-degree perspective, making it a cinch to navigate tight areas.

The vehicles’ ability to charge with fast-chargers up to 350 kilowatts could potentially add about 70 miles of range in just five minutes. They’ll also be able to charge up from 10 to 80 percent in a mere 18 minutes, which is long enough to get out and stretch your legs. Its charging capabilities also support vehicle to load (VTL), meaning the vehicle itself can become a mobile electrical source with up to 1900W. This will even let it charge other electric vehicles, but at a miniscule 1.1kW rate.

Early adopters will be able to snag the First Edition model of the vehicle. It is slated to come in three unique color combinations: matte grey with a black interior, white with a green interior, or yellow with a black interior, and is limited to just 1,500 units. Want one? You’ll be able to make a reservation starting on June 3.

Price-wise, the EV6 will likely start around $45,000 and it will be available to see in showrooms sometime in early 2022.

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