It’s Official: Amazon Prime Day Begins on June 21st


It looks like those early reports were right. Amazon Prime Day is (almost) here, and as always promises to have some of the best deals of the year. So get your Christmas shopping done early because Prime Day(s) starts at Mightnight PDT on June 21st and runs until 11:59 PDT on June 22nd.

If you don’t know what Amazon Prime Day is by now, then we’ll assume you’ve just arrived on this lovely planet. Think of it as a new Black Friday, a day (or two anymore) when Amazon hosts some of the best deals and sales it offers all year. The sale typically covers everything from electronics to housewares to knick-knacks and paddy whacks.

If you feel like the last Prime Day wasn’t that long ago, that’s because last year, Amazon postponed the event to October. Typically Amazon host Prime Day in July, with the Pandemic in full swing, the company held off. This year though, we’re getting Prime Day a little early.

We don’t know yet what deals Amazon has in store, but you can expect to see all-day sales and lighting deals that change every hour. In the past, some sales only offered limited quantities, so keep a lookout for the gadget or blanket set you’ve always wanted.

One thing’s for certain, with a June 21st through 22 dates, you’ll definitely get your presents in time for Christmas.

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