Inspiring: This AirPod Still Works After a Guy Swallowed It

Artist’s interpretation of an AirPod in someone’s esophagus. Bal Iryna/Shutterstock

A man named Bradford Gauthier managed to swallow an AirPod in his sleep, proving that you can’t blame furniture for all your lost earbuds. Somehow, this AirPod managed to work after it was retrieved by doctors … and this isn’t the first time an AirPod has come out of someone’s digestive tract in working condition.

Bradford Gauthier recounted his experience in an interview with The Guardian. Evidently, the AirPod fell on his pillow while he sleepily watched a movie in bed, and somehow ended up down his throat. He knew that he had lost the AirPod and had trouble swallowing water, but didn’t make the connection until his son joked “perhaps you swallowed it in your sleep?”

Doctors fished the AirPod out of his esophagus after finding it in an X-ray. Thankfully, the AirPod didn’t block his airway or end up in his stomach (digesting a lithium-ion battery probably isn’t too good for you). After getting home, Gauthier found that the AirPod still worked perfectly, though its microphone is slightly less effective than it was before the incident.

This is not the first time that an AirPod has survived someone’s GI system. In 2019, a man in Taiwan tried to locate his AirPod with the Find My feature on his iPhone, chasing the AirPod’s beeping tone around his room. Eventually, he figured out that the AirPod was beeping inside of his stomach.

Moral of the story? Uh, don’t swallow your AirPods. It’s possible that this has happened more than the two (wait, I mean three) times that we’re heard about it. Who knows, maybe there’s someone walking around with an AirPod in their stomach right now, just waiting to catch it on its way out.

Source: The Guardian via 9to5Mac

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