IKEA’s New Sensor Will Monitor Your Air Quality for Just $12


IKEA is known for its unique furniture (and meatballs), but it also has plenty of functional items up for grabs, like this $12 air sensor. For the same price as lunch from a fast food place, the VINDRIKTNING will monitor your home’s air quality.

The small and stylish sensor only detects particles in the air, not odors or gases. Specifically, it detects PM2.5 particles, which usually come from pollutant sources like automobile exhaust, fireplaces, fires, and the like, but that can also include more common particulates like dirt, dust, and smoke.

PM2.5 particles are particularly concerning, however, as they are microscopic and stay afloat longer than many other particles, which tend to drop fairly quickly to the ground. Because of this, there’s an increased risk of them being inhaled by you or your kids or pets; the particles’ small size also makes it easier for them to get into respiratory systems and can potentially lead to ailments like bronchitis or asthma.

The IKEA VINDRIKTNING with yellow and red warning lights

Luckily, the VINDRIKTNING is super easy to use, and relies on traffic signal-like lighting as its easy-to-understand gauge. It’ll light up green if everything’s good, yellow for acceptable air quality, and red for problematic air quality. It’s recommended that you place it in the busiest area in your home for optimal monitoring. And don’t worry, its small size and clean modern design will blend in no matter where you place it.

The sensor is just that though—a sensor. If you are concerned about your home’s air quality, or want to proactively make sure it’s good all the time, you may want to pair it with an indoor air purifier.

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