Google Maps allows users to share Plus Codes

Google Maps allows users to share Plus Codes in Android Devices

Google Maps now allows users to share the Plus Codes for accurate location sharing. This new change is limited to the Android platform for now it may be released on iOS later as per the company’s blog post.

What are Plus Codes?

It is interesting to know that Plus codes are in use from 2015 in Google Maps.
Plus codes are short forms of code for any address available on Google Maps.
These are really helpful if a particular street or location doesn’t have a definite address.
Codes are based on latitude and longitude – the grid that can be used to describe every point on the planet. Plus Codes is used to identify these kinds of address as codes and can be shared easily as digital addresses.

Plus Code Features

  • Plus codes are free. There are no licensing fees or other costs. The technology is open-sourced.
  • Plus codes can be printed as a grid on paper, posters, and signs. This makes them useful also for people without access to mobile phones or computers.
  • Plus codes work in places that haven’t been mapped. And they don’t use country codes so they work in disputed territories.
  • The “+” symbol in plus codes helps identify them for people and computers, ensuring Google Search and Google Maps recognize them.
  • You don’t need a network connection: Plus codes work whether you are online or offline.

Easy to use

Users can simply click on their current location blue dot, would be available in the sharing option.

Google Maps allows users to share Plus Codes
Plus Code

Plus Codes are free to use and available offline as well.

These codes are searchable in Google Maps as well as Google Search as well and works on any platforms.

The main advantage of using Plus codes is that any place will surely have a digital address even if it doesn’t have a physically identifiable one.

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