Google launches People Card feature in India

Google has started rolling out its People Cards feature for mobile search users in India.

What is the new feature?

Google People Card will help users to create a virtual visiting card of sorts with only the information they want to showcase publicly. Only one person’s card can be created per account and there will be spam and abuse protections. Content policies will apply to the cards and there will be a human review where needed.

The feature is being launched in India because of the geography’s affinity to search their own names

Lauren Clark, product manager for search at Google. .

The cards will show the photo, profession, and location so that it clearly differentiates from others of the same name, Clark explained. Users also have the option to add education, contact details, and other information like the home town and social media profile.

Steps to enable

  • To enable the feature, users will have to search their name or ‘add me to search’ on their mobile phones.
  • Once their name shows up, they can click ‘get started’ and add the information they want to show the world.
  • Users will need to be logged in to their Google accounts to do the same.
  • The add me to the search option also shows up only on a mobile.
Google launches People Card feature in India

Apart from the phone number verification, the search giant also has in place ‘a number of mechanisms to protect against abusive or spammy content,’ as per the official blog post. You can also report low-quality information or a card that you believe was created by an impersonator, you can tap the feedback link to let the Google know as per company blog.

Finally, if you ever decide to stop your people card from appearing in search results, it is possible to delete the same at any time.

In other news, Apple is taking legal action against a meal prep company called Prepear, The pear-shaped logo used by Prepear, seen above, is too similar to the Apple logo. Apple has filed a notice of opposition against a meal prep company because they think Prepear’s cartoon fruit logo is very similar to Apple’s own trademarked logo as per the company.

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