Google is Boosting Shopping Experience with Lens and AI

Google is working to enhance the shopping experience

Google Shopping just got a huge update. In the recent Google I/O event, the company announced features like a new Shopping Graph, open shopping cart display, and using Google Lens to help you find products online.

AI-enhanced Shopping Graph

The new AI-enhanced Shopping Graph—which leverages Google’s profound understanding of brands, products, reviews, inventory data, sellers, and product information—will power several other tools that’ll make it easier to find the specific product you’re searching for. It’ll centralize 24 billion listings across the web and make it easy for shoppers to find products, prices, reviews, videos, and more.

Google Lens Boost

Google is boosting the capabilities of Google Lens, prompting it to search any photo you take for items you can buy online. Then it lets you immediately shop for and purchase products you like.

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If you use Chrome, the browser will automatically track all of your open shopping carts (that you haven’t yet finalized or dismissed) and help you easily resume your shopping so you don’t forget about it. It will keep your carts private, as well. Google is also working on collaborations with various retailers to offer loyalty benefits, like discounts, to customers earlier in the shopping process to better inform their shopping decisions.

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In addition to making it free for merchants to sell products on Google, which it initiated in 2020, Google is streamlining the process. Shopify’s 1.7 million merchants can now easily make their products more discoverable across Google in a matter of a few clicks.

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