Google Ends Support for Its AR Measurement-Taking App


First launched to the public in 2018, Google’s ARCore-based Measure app is no longer available on the Play Store. Google will no longer support the app, which provided hands-free measurements of furniture, walls, and objects using a smartphone’s cameras.

As reported by Android Police, the URL for Measure’s Play Store listing now redirects to a blank webpage. If you downloaded Measure in the past, you can still redownload it on your phone, though Google is no longer supporting the app. Maybe it’s for the best—Measure has been neglected for the past few years, leading to a 2.9 star rating. Newer 3rd party apps, like AR Ruler, also function better than Measure ever did.

But at the time of Measure’s release, it was a pretty big deal! It spent four years as a developer-only app and was one of the defining features of Google’s ARCore framework. It also inspired other AR measurement apps, including one from Apple called … Measure (I guess there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel).

Measure’s demise isn’t a big deal because there are plenty of alternatives to take its place. Still, it’s strange to see Google abandon an idea that it pioneered. The company even considered building Measure into the Android camera system in 2019. But now, Measure is no more.

Source: Google via Android Police

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