Google Discover Gets Quite Colorful In Upcoming Android 12

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You’ll be shocked by how different Android 12 looks when it reaches your phone. The OS update centers around Google’s new Material You design language, with lots of colors and way less clutter. Now, those experimenting with the Android 12 beta can see Material You’s reach in the Discover panel and the Google app, which are adopting colors from today’s Google Doodle logo.

First spotted by 9to5Google, the Discover panel in Android 12 is brown, apparently pulling its background color from today’s Savoy Ballroom doodle. The banner at the top of Android 12’s Google app is also brown, though the rest of the app is left untouched.

This behavior is a bit odd, given that Material You usually pulls app colors from your phone’s wallpaper. It’s possible that this theming is just a test or a bug, as we couldn’t replicate the brown Discover panel on a device running the Android 12 beta in light mode (other outlets, like 9to5Google and Android Police, appear to be using dark mode in their tests.

Google has already made a ton of changes to Discover in Android 12, like adding support for Google Doodles and removing the short excerpts below articles and news. It’s unclear whether these features or the colorful Discover background will make their way to older versions of Android or if they’re exclusive to the Material You design language.

Source: 9to5Google

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