Google Chrome changes may increase battery life by 2 hours

Google is making changes in the Chrome browser to significantly increase the battery life of the devices.

Google seems is finally getting around the most infamous feature of its Chrome browser, the battery It to correct the battery gobbling feature of the web browser, particularly on laptops and other portable devices. In fact, Chrome has been at the receiving end of judgment not just from its loyal users across a range of online platforms but has been targeted by rivals including Microsoft, which also uses the Chrome engine for its Edge browser.


Google will now integrate a new system that shuts down unnecessary JavaScript timers and trackers when a tab is in the background, such as those that check for the last scrolled position, to save on energy consumption and automatically increase the battery life with this chrome changes.

Google is exploring the idea of limiting the JavaScript timer wake ups in background webpages starting with Chrome 86, which is shipping a new experimental feature behind chrome://flags. This way, Google Chrome will limit JavaScript timer wake ups in background webpages to 1 wake up per minute, similar to Safari. This feature applies to Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS.

Google Chrome changes may increase battery life by 2 hours

As per the report of TheWindowsClub, Google clocked as much as 2 hours of additional battery time on a laptop with the new features enabled, on a Chrome browser with 36 background tabs and one foreground tab. The team over at TheWindowsClub report this development, but also caution that the battery usage advantages may not be as apparent if you are using Chrome to view YouTube videos.


It is still not clear if it will make it to the final release anytime soon. While this is still an experimental feature in Chrome 86—the version available for all right now is Chrome 83

Ever since Microsoft released the Chromium-based Edge browser update for Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS with significant power saving capabilities built-in, it rival Apple has also got a significant advantage with the Safari web browser on Mac computing devices, and the next update rolling out with iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and macOS Big Sur will add further improvements too.

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