Four of Moog’s Terrific (but Pricey) Synth Apps Are Now on Sale for Free on iOS


Moog is an honored name in the world of synthesizers, and its apps are just as amazing. Now, four of Moog’s most popular synth apps are available for free on iOS, so if you’ve been wanting to tinker with one, start downloading.

The apps include the Animoog, Model 15, Minimoog Model D, and Filtatron. Even if you’re not totally into synths, it’s probably still a good idea to download one (or all) of these just to have. Normally, these are quite pricey, ranging from $5 all the way up to $30. They aren’t regularly on sale, either, though Moog did temporarily make its Minimoog Model D free earlier last year for a short while.

We don’t know how long this discount will last, so don’t hesitate if you’re interested. The apps may be the perfect way to get into synths, and they fun to use and downright fascinating. All of them work on iPhone and iPad except for Animoog, which is only available on the iPhone. If you have both, we recommend downloading them on your iPad as the larger screen area will make them easier to navigate and use.

Download on the Apple App Store
Download on the Apple App Store
Download on the Apple App Store
Download on the Apple App Store

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