Fitbit May Soon Track Snoring and Improve Your Sleep Habits


Fitbit’s latest app update lays the foundation for potential features, including nighttime snore detection, ambient noise tracking, and “Your sleep animal,” a tool that compares your sleeping habits to animals. The test features, which are unfinished and currently unusable, were discovered by 9to5Google in an APK analysis.

As described in the Fitbit app APK, the Snore & Noise Detect feature tells you what percentage of the night you spend snoring, plus the average volume of background noise in your room. These details may help explain why you’re not sleeping well, although it isn’t clear how Snore & Noise Detect metrics will factor into Fitbit’s sleep stats overview.

But Fitbit notes that the Snore & Noise Detect feature can’t differentiate sleepers, so it will accidentally track snores from anyone you’re sleeping with. And because the feature relies on the Fitbit’s microphone, it blows through battery life—Fitbit even suggests charging your battery to 40% before sleeping with Snore & Noise Detect enabled.

Icons used for Fitbit's "Your Spirit Animal" feature.

Along with Snore & Noise Detect, 9to5Google uncovered a “Your sleep animal” feature in the Fitbit app APK. Still early in development, the feature compares your sleeping habits to that of an animal. Those who are slow to fall asleep may be profiled as a tortoise, for example, while deep sleepers may be compared to bears.

Fitbit may implement these features in a future update. But there’s no guarantee—while snore tracking and “Your sleep animal” already look polished, they may be abandoned if Fitbit feels that they aren’t useful enough.

Source: 9to5Google

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