First Bottle of Wine Ever Aged In Outer Space Is Up For Auction

Ready for a taste of space?

Christie’s auction house is selling bottle of Pétrus 2000 wine that spent 14 months in the International Space Station. Proceeds from the sale, which could total over $1 million, will go toward agricultural experiments in space.

Wine Aged in Space

Several bottles of Pétrus 2000 found their way into the ISS last year, and no, they weren’t smuggled onboard by astronauts. The box full of tempting, tasty bottles are actually the first of six agricultural experiments conducted by Space Cargo Unlimited, a European startup investigating how different environments affect plants.

According to Space Cargo Unlimited, wine is sensitive to its environment during the aging process, and different aging environments can lead to different flavors. Because the ISS offers an Earth-like environment at near-zero gravity, it’s the perfect place to test what impact gravity has on the wine aging process.

The Parisian Maison d'Arts Les Ateliers Victor trunk included with the space wine.
The auction winner also receives a Parisian Maison d’Arts Les Ateliers Victor trunk. Christie’s

While it sounds like a stretch (and might be a stretch), Space Cargo Unlimited claims that its research could help us understand how climate change on Earth will affect agriculture. As of now, the research has only proven that space wine tastes different from Earth wine.

Anyway, the space-aged wine is available for immediate purchase through Christie’s Private Sales. It comes with a unique Parisian Maison d’Arts Les Ateliers Victor trunk, a decanter, glasses, and a meteorite corkscrew. An Earth-aged bottle of Pétrus 2000 is also included for comparison’s sake.

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