Facebook allows transfer of media to Google Photos for everyone

Facebook now allows transfer media to Google Photos for everyone which included Photos and Videos.

Data Transfer Project

As part of “Data Transfer Project”, which is a collaboration between big organizations to provide tools and APIs for transfer of data between two platforms.
Facebook along with other organizations such as Google, Microsoft has created a tool to adhere to this project.

This is launched in February in Latin America and Asia Pacific countries and in March update made available in African and more Asian countries. It is now available to all Facebook users now across the globe at this link.

Facebook allows transfer of media to Google Photos for everyone - Steps

With this new feature Facebook users can now easily export or transfer data suggest photos and videos to Google photos as per the company’s blog post.
This option gives users access to every handy tool in case they just don’t want you have all their Media at one place.

More Choice to Users

Invariably, it provides an opportunity to those Facebook users who are maybe stuck at the platform worrying about their photos and videos.
This can be true for any platform and hope that all the major photos and media companies allow this kind of transfer tool with each other soon, so that would provide choice to the users and unshackle them.

Another New Tool

Facebook recently has also launched new tool called “Manage Activity” that allows users to search for old posts and let them archive or delete it.

This tool adds an email type feature to Facebook, with archive or delete features. You may want to keep certain content but to yourself only and may not want others to see on Facebook, it can be done by the Archive feature.  This could be funny but embarrassing posts!

Manage Activity tool also allows user to undo the posts moved to trash and restore them back. Post in the trash will be available for 30 days to decide, after which they will be automatically deleted by Facebook.

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