Everything Coming to Netflix the Week of June 7, 2021

John Cho stars as the voice of Long in Netflix’s Wish Dragon. Netflix

This week, Netflix gives viewers vampires, a docuseries about fried food, and the second part of a popular series about a thief. Of course, this week’s offerings don’t match the volume of last week’s beginning-of-the-month drop, but it makes up for it in quality.

Want to make plans to watch in advance? Here’s everything coming to Netflix the week of June 7, 2021:

  • June 7:
    • Vampire Academy: The film adaptation of the popular young adult book series.
  • June 9:
    • Awake: A catastrophe has caused all electronics to stop working, and humans’ ability to sleep is gone. A woman believes that her daughter can cure them.
    • Fresh, Fried and Crispy: Food reviewer Daymon Patterson (Daym Drops) stars in this reality series and reviews fried food from around the United States.
    • L.A.’s Finest: The second season of the Bad Boys spin-off wraps up the series.
    • Tragic Jungle: A woman flees into the jungle to avoid an arranged marriage.

  • June 10:
    • A Haunted House 2: Marlon Wayans stars in this horror satire in which his wife gets possessed.
    • Camellia Sisters: Sisters reunite as secrets begin to split up their family.
    • Locombians: Four Columbian comedians perform together in this weekly special.
    • Trese: A woman attempts to keep the peace in the criminal, supernatural underworld in this anime.

  • June 11:
    • Lupin: The second part of the popular French spy thriller.
    • Skater Girl: A teenage girl in Rajasthan discovers skateboarding.
    • Wish Dragon: This animated film follows a boy visited by a dragon who can grant wishes.

  • June 12:
    • Love (featuring Marriage and Divorce): The K-drama returns to streaming.
  • June 13:
    • Picture a Scientist: This documentary looks at gender inequality and sexual harassment in the sciences.
    • The Devil Below: An exploratory mission to a sinkhole in the Appalachian Mountains becomes something more sinister.

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