Eufy Latest Security Products Go Outdoors to Protect Your Porch and Packages


Eufy is well-known for its privacy-minded cloudless security cameras. Now the company is stepping from indoor cameras and video doorbells to the true outdoors with its latest products. The company announced new outdoor cameras, including a solar-powered option, and a package drop-off device.

A camera mounted to a porch.

Starting with the security cameras, Eufy’s new entries start off with similar base models—the SoloCam E20 and E40. Both are wire-free outdoor cameras that don’t require the cloud. Instead, they have 8 GBs of EMMC storage which could hold up to two months of video. The 67000 mAh battery should provide about four months of use before you need to recharge.

They’re compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and come with built-in AI for human detection. The main difference between the two models is resolution and price. The SoloCam E20 can record at 1080p and will cost $99.99, while the SoloCam E40 can record at 2K resolution and will cost $129.99. Both will release in June 2021.

A camera with a spotlight shining into a yard.

While the previous cameras rely on infrared and black and white views for night vision, the next two cameras step up to color night vision. And adding to the security feature, the SoloCam L20 and SoloCam L40 cameras double as a spotlight which should help with night vision and potentially frighten away any intruders.

Like Eufy’s other cameras, they will have 8 GBs of EMMC storage, AI human detection, and a larger 13400 mAh battery that should still provide 4 months of charge even with the spotlight. Again, the main difference between the two models is resolution and price. The SoloCam L20 can record at 1080p and will cost $149.99, while the SoloCam L40 can record at 2K resolution and will cost $169.99. Both will release in July 2021.

A solar-powered camera under the sun.

And if you don’t like the idea of recharging your camera every four months, the SoloCam S40 has a built-in solar panel to help it recharge during the day. Like the previous cameras, it can do color night vision, shine a spotlight, and in this case, even set off a siren. You still get AI human detection, Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility, and you can adjust the color temperature of the spotlight. The SoloCam S40 will cost $199.99 when it releases in August 2021.

A floodlight with a built-in camera.

Finally, Eufy’s last camera doesn’t look like a camera at all. As the name implies, the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro works as both a floodlight and a camera. You get three light panels capable of 3000 lumens, motion detection, a 100-decibel siren, and built-in storage. The camera can pan and tilt to get the perfect angle of your property, and it records in 2K resolution. You do have to wire it to your home, however. The Floodlight Cam 2 Pro will cost $299.99 when it releases in July.

A large bin with the word "Deliveries" on it.

Leaving the camera world, somewhat, is the Eufy Securty SmartDrop. It looks like a mailbox, and that’s not far off from its intended purpose. Place a SmartDrop on your property, and people from FedEx, UPS, and so on can leave your packages in it securely. It even has a camera so you can monitor anyone that approaches it. You use a pin, app, or key to unlock it and retrieve your package. It’s weather-resistant, battery-powered, and will give the courier instructions on how to drop off the package through voice prompts and a sticker. Eufy calls it a “large capacity” at 115 liters. The company didn’t reveal a price yet, but the SmartDrop will release in August 2021.

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