Engage Your Senses with Illuminarium, An Immersive Multisensory Theater


Art museums, movie theaters, and concert halls are wonderful, but they don’t exactly engage all of your senses. However, that’s precisely what multimedia venue Illuminarium is setting out to do—making it easy for users to immerse themselves in a virtual environment.

“When you walk in, you will feel like you are there,” said Alan Greenberg, CEO of Illuminarium Experiences. “You see it with the best projection system in the world. You hear it with what we think is the best, [most] technologically advanced sound systems in the world. You feel it through the low-frequency haptic systems in our floor. You smell it through our lidar-based interactive [technology]. You put all that together, and we really capture your entire visual central framework in a way that no place that I know of has done [before].”

The venue, set to open July 1 in Atlanta, combines a cinematic experience—like watching a movie, walking around a zoo, or strolling through an art gallery—with interactive content and a theatrical feel. It “will produce unprecedented entertainment to transport consumers to many of the most coveted places and experiences on Earth, and beyond,” said Greenberg.

The at-launch theme is called WILD: Safari Experience; that will be followed by SPACEWALK, a journey through our own solar system. Footage for WILD was shot by RadicalMedia using special camera arrays to capture a 240-degree native field-of-view on location from habitats in Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, and Kenya.

People walking around interior of Illuminarium, with its safari theme

The Illuminarium’s enormous breathtaking scale—measuring more than 350 feet long and 20 feet tall—also integrates lasers, spatial audio, scent elements, and in-floor haptics that will work together to engage multiple senses at once. It brings theme park-level experiences into more commonplace environments, like movie theaters, making exotic sceneries and experiences more accessible to everyone. And like theme parks and movie theaters, it’ll be fun for kids and adults alike.

After dark, Illuminarium transforms into a more nightlife-appropriate setting. Cocktails are served and different sceneries from around the globe appear on its canvas each night in ways that aren’t likely to be repeated. One time, you could be walking through clouds during a sunset; another, you could be chatting with friends on the late-night streets of Tokyo.

If Atlanta isn’t in your neck of the woods, don’t fret: additional Illuminarium locations are slated to open across the country in 2022. The second venue will open in Las Vegas (at AREA 15) in January 2022, and a third in Miami (at Mana in the Wynwood Arts District) sometime in Fall 2022. The company is also considering additional future locations in cities like Austin, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Toronto, and Montreal, so prepare to be Illuminated.

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