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Spotify’s annual “Wrapped” breakdown reveals a lot of information about your listening habits from the past year. The only problem is it’s only available once a year in December. Spotify’s “Only You” section puts more of this information in your hands year-round.

What Is “Only You” in Spotify?

There’s actually quite a lot going on with Spotify’s “Only You” feature. It’s essentially a collection of personalized playlists and information about your listening habits. The main feature is a Wrapped-esque recap, plus tons of mixes and a new “Blend” playlist feature you can make with friends.

How to Find “Only You” on Spotify

You’ll probably see a big banner announcement when “Only You” rolls out to your Spotify app, but in case you don’t, it can be found on the Search tab. It’s available on Spotify for iPhone, iPadAndroid, Windows, Mac, and the desktop web player.

Tap the "Only You" box.

When you tap the “Only You” banner on this screen, you’ll be launched into an Instagram Story-like interface. You can tap through a bunch of different pages of information about your music taste. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Artist Pairs: Shows unique pairs of artists specific to your listening habits.
  • Audio Birth Chart: It picks a “Sun” artist, which is an artist you listened to most over the last 6 months. The “Moon” artist is the artist that shows your “emotional or vulnerable side.” Lastly, a “Rising” artist that you recently discovered.
  • Dream Dinner Party: You choose three artists to invite to a dinner party of your dreams, then Spotify creates a mix for each one.

Spotify Only You slideshow.

Mixes for Everything

The “Only You” page also features a bunch of mixes based on your favorite artists, genres, and decades. These mixes aren’t actually new to Spotify, but now they’re easier to find.

Spotify mixes.

Create “Blend” Playlists With Friends

The last thing you’ll see on the “Only You” page is a beta feature called “Blends.” This is a playlist that mashes up your music with another Spotify user. You can easily create mixes with your friends and family. At the time of writing, the Blend feature is only available from within the mobile app.

Tap the “Create a Blend” box and you’ll be able to create a link to send to a friend. After they follow the invite link, a playlist will automatically be created. The songs in the playlist are labeled by who they came from.

Only You Blend playlist.

The “Only You” section is a cool way to get insights about your listening habits before the end of the year, but it’s a lot more than that. Personalization is a big part of Spotify, and this feature hammers that home.

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