Disney+ Won’t Launch a Cheaper Ad-Supported Plan


Disney+ launched at the attractive price of just $7 a month, and despite a $1 price hike, it’s still one of the most affordable streaming services available today. That may explain why, at a recent conference, Disney CEO Bob Chapek stated that the streaming service won’t offer a cheaper ad-supported plan anytime soon.

Several streaming services offer discounted ad-supported plans, including HBO Max and the Disney-owned Hulu. But Disney+ is resistant to the idea. Maybe it’s a sign of confidence—Disney+ regularly debuts highly anticipated movies and shows, like the new Loki series. And in Bob Chapek’s words, Disney+ hasn’t had trouble finding new subscribers despite its recent price increase.

Not to mention, Disney offers a discounted bundle with Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for just $13. That brings the three services down to just $4.50 each, which may be cheaper than a Disney+ ad-supported plan.

But Bob Chapek didn’t completely shoot down the idea of an ad-supported plan. The CEO simply stated that Disney+ isn’t interested in running advertisements right now. We may eventually see a cheaper Disney+ plan depending on how the service performs in the future.

Source: Disney via The Verge

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