Colonial Pipeline attack was a “pivotal event”

Earlier this year a water treatment facility and a major gasoline, diesel and gas distributor in the United States were victims of cyber-attacks – and there are lessons for critical infrastructure providers in Australia.

The Colonial Pipeline attack reportedly used ransomware – a reminder that IT security breaches can have implications for industrial control systems.

For a brief summary of what happened, listen below to comments by Lani Refiti, regional director for Australia and New Zealand at Claroty (the sponsor of this week’s episode). The clip is an excerpt from this week’s iTnews podcast.

Claroty is an industrial cyber security platform provider with solutions for energy, manufacturing and water organisations, among others. 

At the end of this week’s iTnews podcast, Refiti talks briefly about the attacks mentioned above and why he sees the Colonial Pipeline incident as a “pivotal event”.

These issues are increasingly relevant to a wide range of organisations, especially considering the critical infrastructure security legislation before Australian Parliament.

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