CBA may align ‘really important’ apps to specific AWS functions

The Commonwealth Bank may align the codebase of some of its most important applications to specific capabilities available only in the AWS cloud ecosystem.

CEO Matt Comyn will tell the opening day of the AWS Summit in A/NZ that “for the applications that are really important to us where we think there’s going to be a lot of change, we want them to be running natively on the AWS experience, and leveraging a lot of the capabilities and product innovation that [AWS is] building out.”

Comyn does not elaborate further on the plan, but the commentary essentially amounts to a doubling down on CBA’s long-term backing of the AWS cloud, of which it has been a customer since 2012.

It also runs counter to efforts at other banks to enable a degree of portability for workloads to be moved between cloud ecosystems, reducing reliance and potentially lock-in to a single provider.

CBA is hoping to run up to 95 percent of all workloads in the public cloud by between 2025 and 2027.

Comyn will also tell the AWS summit that CBA’s focus is also “now about getting many more of our core workloads onto the cloud”.

He will say that running core workloads in the cloud is anticipated to result in “lower marginal [running] costs” compared with current on-premises setups, and “higher resiliency and availability”.

Comyn will also say that he is taking a personal interest in the cloud migration, right down to fortnightly meetings with the bank’s top engineers to remove roadblocks.

“Some of our lead engineers are some of the most important people inside the organisation,” Comyn will say.

“I’ve got a fortnightly meeting with our top engineers to sort of really work throughwhat are some of the things that would actually make their lives easier and more productive.”

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