Campfire Audio debuts Satsuma and Honeydew in-ear headphones

Campfire Audio has been designing and building high-end in-ear headphones (IEHs) in Portland, Oregon, since 2015. The current lineup on its website includes no less than 15 models, most with a price tag above $1,000, and many others very near that lofty figure. The company employs high-quality materials and eschews wireless connections and other convenience features in its pursuit of the best possible audio quality.

Today, Campfire is adding two new models with the same commitment to sonic excellence at much more down-to-earth prices. Dubbed Satsuma and Honeydew, both feature customized, 3D-printed acoustic chambers within ABS plastic earpieces that reflect the company’s distinctive design aesthetic. They also come with a high-quality, detachable cable, which is a hallmark of Campfire IEHs. In addition, the company offers balanced cables as an option, and both new models take full advantage of such a connection.

campfire satsuma Campfire Audio

The Satsuma sports a color called “orange fizz” as well as beryllium-copper MMCX connectors for the detachable cable and stainless steel nozzles.

The Satsuma sports an “orange-fizz” color, and it employs a single, full-range balanced-armature driver. The frequency response is specified to extend from 5Hz to 18kHz (no tolerance given) with an impedance of 46.4 ohms at 1kHz and a maximum SPL of 94dB at 67 mVrms. This model is tuned to present a balanced, natural tonal signature, which Campfire describes as “characterized by highly focused mid-band frequencies, a tightly controlled bass response, and slightly enhanced highs—without harshness.” The company says it’s well suited for almost any musical genre, particularly rock, pop, classical, and jazz.

campfire honeydew Campfire Audio

The Honeydew’s “mellow yellow” color belies its more aggressive, bass-forward tonality. Like the Satsuma, it features beryllium-copper MMCX connectors and stainless steel nozzles.

By contrast, the “mellow-yellow” colored Honeydew is tuned with a more bass-forward tonal profile that’s designed for R&B, hip hop, and EDM. As the press release explains, “Built expressly for music lovers who crave a punchy and highly detailed bass response that is both fast and dynamic, Honeydew has the lower frequencies covered thanks to a custom-designed 10 mm dynamic driver.” That single dynamic driver delivers a frequency response from 5Hz to 18kHz (no tolerance given). The impedance is specified to be 17.4 ohms at 1kHz, and the maximum SPL is 94dB at 17.7 mV RMS—in other words, it will play louder with less power than the Satsuma.

The Satsuma and Honeydew—priced at $199 and $249, respectively—are available now at the Campfire Audio web store and the company’s network of authorized dealers around the world. For more info, you can visit the Campfire Audio site.

I just received a sample of both new models, along with a balanced cable, and I’m looking forward to writing a full review, so stay tuned for that!

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