Bowser’s Airship Could Be the Latest Set to Join LEGO’s Super Mario Lineup


LEGO’s Super Mario collection has been a hit since it launched, especially with sets like LEGO Luigi up for grabs. Now, LEGO appears to be expanding this lineup to include the impressive new Super Mario Bowser’s Airship set.

The set has 1,152 pieces in total and, of course, includes Minifigures of Mario and Luigi. While Bowser himself doesn’t appear to be present on the ship (he’s probably inside, waiting for a Final Boss Battle), he’s left a few other formidable enemies up on deck to guard the airship, including a Pirate Goomba and a Magikoopa.

Kids playing with the LEGO set

The ship measures over 14 inches long once built and it is filled with tricky obstacles that’ll need to be navigated carefully. On the side of the ship, you’ll see cannons ready to blow away anyone who dares approach the ship. The front of the airship is perhaps the best part, however, as it features a super cool LEGO-fied version of Bowser’s daunting visage.

As with the LEGO Luigi set, information for this set was originally found on Amazon (or Amazon Australia, in this case); there is still no official listing for the set on LEGO’s site. The link was originally shared on 9to5Toys but is no longer working; however, that hasn’t stopped a fleet of YouTubers from already uploading videos discussing the set.

Rumor has it that the set will likely be priced around $99.99 and become available for purchase starting on August 1. If that’s the case, we’ll probably be hearing official details from LEGO within the next few weeks.

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