Finally: Fitbit Now Supports SMS 2FA


Fitbit has finally released two-factor authentication (2FA) for users to secure their accounts. Unfortunately, the option isn’t available to everyone yet, not to mention it only supports SMS authentication, but it’s better than nothing.

With all the location and activity data that something like a Fitbit gathers, it only makes sense to keep this sensitive information as secure as possible. After plenty of requests over the years, Fitbit is slowly rolling out a new system you can take advantage of.

Those on Android or iOS will see a new “increase your security” popup inside the app, explaining how 2FA works to keep accounts protected. If you don’t know, this requires an extra step while logging into your account, but that extra step is definitely worth the hassle.


Easily enough, start by adding your phone number to your Fitbit account. Then, once this new feature rolls out to everyone, you’ll see “Two Factor Authentication” as an option under the “Accounts Settings” menu.

As we said above, unfortunately, it’s the worst type of two-factor authentication available these days, as the system will send a code to your phone via text message. This is better than no protection at all, but we’ve seen our fair share of ways this system can fail. Basically, we can all agree that a dongle or something more secure would be ideal.

For now, this is your best bet for keeping your Fitbit account and sensitive info private. Plus, it’s probably one of many changes we’ll see now that Google owns Fitbit and aims to integrate it with Wear OS smartwatches.

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