Best Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

The Best Important Tips for choosing a domain name

Choose the domain name the right way.

Choosing a domain name is one of the most important and stressful activities before starting any blog or website.

Some thoughts during this phase

Well, is it really important to have a “good” domain name?
Does any domain makes it a good URL. ?
Choosing a domain name for a Personal Website or for Business website is different?
Any domain name will work, is there any technical reason behind it?

It turns out choosing a domain name, if I may, is the single most important step in your blog journey.

It is important for factors such as

  • Defines your brand: It should reflect your thoughts behind your blog/website/brand. A domain name is the first step to establish a connection between you and your readers.
  • SEO Effect: Right keyword in your domain name helps in the SEO, which in turn effects in your ranking in search engines,

Let us look at the critical steps/tips for choosing a domain name.


  • Pick a short domain name

Picking a short domain name keeps your user to remember and share your domain name.

A longer domain name is harder to remember and could result in typos by users which may ultimately harm your business.

Ideally it should be between 8-15 character for better results.

  • Never use numbers and hyphens

Avoid using of numbers and hyphens in your domain names as much as possible. Using them is bad of the SEO. It also makes your name not easily identifiable.

  • Avoid misspelled words as domain name

This is one of the common mistakes in choosing the domain name. Misspelled words may give you unique domain names, but it creates confusion while typing it. These domain names are not easy to remember as well.

  • Prefer the .com domain

In recent years, there have been lots of domain extensions right from .pizza to. dev etc.  The .com domain has retained the top spot as an easily identifiable extension.

If you are creating a domain for specific regional users, then it also a good option to go with a respective regional domain such as .ca for Canada, for the United Kingdom, .in for India.

  • Be flexible and not generic

One should not rush in choosing the domain name if there is prospect of adding other items in site which are totally not relevant to current topics.

There should be a decent room in the domain name picking with long thought process.

If you want to write a blog about Tennis but may/may not also include other sports as well, then it is better to pick a sports-specific domain, than just taking a Tennis based domain.

It is very important tip for choosing a domain name, give a good thought on it.

Free Domain Name Options

Once you finalize your domain name, the next step would be to purchase the domain name. Lots of Domain Register companies like Google Domains charge you for only domain name and others for web hosting seperately.

You to choose between any of the below two most popular and well established web hosting companies, which provide the domain names for free.

  • Bluehost : They are recommended by and have very good hosting options to check out with free domain name.
  • HostGator : Super cheap and great customer support with awesome hosting options to try out along with free domain name.

Go ahead!, don’t delay in choosing the domain name.

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