Banana! Fitbit Launches ‘Minions’ Fitness Tracker for Kids


Teaching kids to build healthy habits is a serious challenge, but Minions could give them the motivation they need. Fitbit now sells a Minions-themed Ace 3 fitness tracker for kids and will soon add Minions badges to the Fitbit app to celebrate fitness milestones.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is an $80 fitness and sleep tracker for kids. It features a rubberized band, an 8-day battery, and a swim-proof design. Because it’s for kids, the Ace 3 sticks to realistic fitness goals based on CDC recommendations and lets parents control what happens on-screen.

Along with its unique design, the Minions-themed Fitbit introduces Minions animated clockfaces with special animations to encourage exercise, rest, or sleep. These new clockfaces are available for all Ace 3 devices, but aren’t coming to other Fitbit trackers. Fitbit also plans to release Minions activity badges to the Fitbit app, which will be available to kids and adults with any model of fitness tracker.

You can order the Minions Fitbit Ace 3 now for $80. For kids who already have an Ace 3 tracker, Fitbit sells Minions wristbands in blue or black. Unfortunately, you have to buy the new “Special Edition Minions Yellow” Ace 3 if you want the yellow wristband.

Source: Fitbit via 9to5Google

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