Australian organisations to get ‘Data Cloud Bridge’

Australian organisations have an easier way to draw analytical insights from vast amounts of siloed data, due to a new partnership between network data platform provider Zetaris and data cloud company Snowflake.

Zetaris, a leader in analytical query, has joined the Snowflake Partner Network as a Development Partner in the APAC region. Through this strategic partnership, the two companies will work together to define a ‘data cloud bridge’ that will assist in large-scale data analytics. 

The solution will enable organisations to identify their data, wherever it is located, and then, through data virtualisation / data fabric, aid in the migration or sharing of that data.

Organisations can connect to disparate data sources through Snowflake’s secure data sharing capabilities and then rationalise the data to identify which can be migrated to Snowflake, or to monetise it, without the need to acquiring it physically. 

The combined solution will virtualise legacy data systems for integration with Snowflake. And it will provide a connection between Zetaris Virtual Data Warehouses/Marts to the Snowflake Marketplace, providing a migration path without having to prepare data.

“There is definitely a paradigm shift in the way data is accessed or moved, and our partnership recognises the need for organisations to start looking at new ways of accessing their data as it grows both internally and externally,” said Martin Cerantonio, VP of Global Alliances at Zetaris. 

“Together, we recognise the challenges of trying to centralise data and will produce assets that will help organisations put in place an Analytical Data Virtualisation Solution (model/platform),” Cerantonio added.

“The partnership between Zetaris and Snowflake will help customers address the challenges of disparate data silos,” said Vinay Samuel, CEO and Founder of Zetaris. “This joint offering with Snowflake will enable our customers to shift the way organisations use Analytical Data Virtualisation in their digital and data strategies.”

The Zetaris networked data platform for the cloud is a fully supported, production-tested, enterprise-grade Analytical Data Virtualisation Platform. It integrates cloud storage and computing services with a stable, secure, efficient and cost-effective way to query all enterprise data, wherever it resides.

Designed for the separation of storage and compute, the Zetaris networked data platform is designed for querying data residing in multiple systems – from cloud data lakes to legacy data warehouses.

It enables the user to run analytic queries across cloud data sources and on-premise systems.  Within a single query, users can access multiple data stores. In minutes, users are able to provision small to large clusters of compute instances and analyse enterprise data.

Today’s announcement recognises that Zetaris is part of the Snowflake Partner Program in Australia and Snowflake is recognised as a Zetaris Technology Alliance Partner. To learn more about the partnership, please visit Zetaris Partner Page.

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