AT&T Is Offering Six Months of Stadia Pro to Entice New 5G and Fiber Customers


AT&T has teamed up with Google to offer up a special deal for customers who sign up for a new fiber internet plan or an eligible phone plan with a 5G-capable phone. These subscribers will get six months of Stadia Pro, Google’s gaming service.

This special deal comes at no extra cost for customers, and will be available starting on June 9, and also includes customers who upgrade to a fiber internet plan. If you also need the hardware that’ll let you play on the TV in your living room, you’ll have the option to buy the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle. This includes both a Stadia controller and a Chromecast Ultra, and will only cost $20.

The deal collaboration is a no-brainer for either party. Google gains a little more spotlight for its struggling Stadia service—which has weathered the shutdown of its internal game studio among other issues—and AT&T will likely see more customers upgrade to plans with extra bandwidth and reduced lag.

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