Apple Updates AirTags to Prevent Stalkers, Will Release a “Detection” Android App


A new update is reducing the time that it takes for AirTags to sound alerts when they’re separated from their owners. The change is in response to privacy and stalking concerns raised by the Washington Post and other outlets. Apple also says it’s also working on an AirTag app for Android, though it’s only for detecting nearby AirTags.

At launch, AirTags only sounded an alert after spending three days separated from their owner. The three-day window made it easy to stalk Android users, who do not receive on-screen notifications when they’re being followed by a stray AirTag. The new firmware update, which is available today, causes AirTags to beep at a random time between 8 and 24 hours when separated from their owner, giving Android users a quick heads-up if they’re being stalked.

Along with the shorter alert window, Apple tells CNET that it’s working on an AirTag detection app for Android. While we don’t know the specifics just yet, Apple says that the app will alert Android users when they’re being followed by an AirTag or Find My-enabled device. The app will not let Android users set up or use AirTags, though.

Apple is rolling out the AirTag firmware update today. Your AirTag will automatically update when it’s near your iPhone.

New Apple AirTag

Now with improved privacy features, AirTags leverage the Find My network to help you track items that are easy to lose, like luggage, backpacks, pocketbooks, and keys.


Source: Apple via CNET

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