Apple Could Release a HUUUUUGE iPad Pro

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Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a bit too big for some people, but its large display is perfect for productivity and split-screen tasks, leading many enthusiasts to pray for a 14 or 16-inch model. Now, a Bloomberg report shows that Apple is exploring the idea of a larger iPad Pro for a future release.

A larger iPad Pro would make sense, given the new productivity and multitasking features introduced in iPadOS 14 and the new iPadOS 15 beta. These features are primarily aimed at professionals and students who may want to use an iPad in place of a laptop. While these features are useful, they aren’t always suited for the iPad’s small display.

One thing’s clear—the rise of desktop iPad use has already influenced Apple’s direction with the product. In 2020, the company released its iPad Magic Keyboard, an accessory that wobbles like crazy in your lap but is impressively comfortable to use at a desk. (Apple first saw the iPad’s potential as a desktop workstation back in 2010 when it released the iPad Keyboard Dock.)

Unfortunately, Bloomberg’s report suggests that Apple won’t release an XL iPad Pro anytime soon. It may take a few years for the product to see its way through development—assuming that Apple even decides to make it (we’re talking about rumors here). Samsung will probably beat Apple to the punch in the XL tablet world, as it’s currently shopping around the idea of a 14.6-inch Android tablet.

In the meantime, we’ll have to focus our attention on the 2022 iPad Pro, which may feature MagSafe-like wireless charging. That’s good enough for now, right?

Source: Bloomberg via Engadget

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