Anker Teases Upcoming Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle with Android 10


Recently, on its Japanese Twitter account, Anker revealed its upcoming Nebula 4K Streaming Dongle and mentioned it’d be out sometime “around September.” The dongle is a new direction for the company, which has previously focused on things like cables and chargers.

Anker stated that the dongle will run Android 10.0 and that it includes support for 4K HDMI output with Dolby Digital Plus. The single photo released in the tweet also shows a microUSB port for power. The dongle will support over 7,000 apps including popular favorites like Netflix and YouTube.

As far as hardware goes, we can’t tell what the dongle is made of, but it could be aluminum. It will ship with a Google-designed remote. We can see a Google Assistant button along with dedicated buttons for YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+. Those remotes are set to become the common standard for Android TV devices now. This is the first appearance of the black version of the remote, however, but it looks great.

No information was shared regarding pricing, availability, or a specific release date. As it gets closer to September, though, more information is likely to be released.

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