Andover Audio announces the SpinSub subwoofer

We’re big fans of Andover Audio’s SpinBase all-in-one speaker system, which is designed to fit underneath your turntable and crank out your favorite vinyl while isolating the spinner from vibration that would interfere with its operation. Today, the company announced a companion subwoofer that will deliver your tunes with boosted low-frequency oomph.

The SpinSub features a 100-watt (peak) Class D amplifier that drives a pair of 6.5-inch woofers housed in a vented enclosure. The SpinSub’s frequency response extends from 32- to 180Hz (no tolerance given). A level control and a 50- to 180Hz adjustable low-pass filter lets you dial in the sub to compensate for your room’s acoustics and to complement the 60Hz floor of the SpinBase’s frequency range—or any third-party bookshelf speakers you might want to use with it, provided the speakers have a subwoofer output.

Speaking of subwoofer outputs, SpinBase speakers sold before January 1, 2021 don’t have one. To help out its early adopters, Andover Audio is offering an upgrade program in which you can return your original SpinBase and get a new one for half price. This program ends August 31.

andover audio spinsub subwoofer rear panel Andover Audio

The Andover Audio SpinSub is outfitted with a level control (right) and a 50- to 180Hz adjustable low-pass filter.

Andover Audio deployed its IsoGroove technology in both the SpinBase and the SpinSub to reduce acoustic feedback caused by unwanted vibration. Turntables are notoriously sensitive to outside vibration, but this feature enables the user to place the SpinSub near one or, ideally, on the bottom shelf of Andover Audio’s SpinStand record stand.

The SpinSub is available wrapped in black or white fabric and costs $299. Andover Audio is taking orders now, anticipating to ship the product in mid July. The SpinBase audio system costs $299 and the SpinStand record stand goes for $199. We’ll have a hands-on review of the new subwoofer soon.

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