Amazon’s Latest Attempt to Be Hip is a Monthly Vinyl Subscription Service


Audiophiles and vinyl collectors both agree on two things: vinyl sounds better than digital and growing your music collection is always a good thing. So either party will probably be thrilled to hear that Amazon is now offering a monthly vinyl subscriptions service.

The service, simply dubbed Vinyl of the Month Club, will send you one “essential” album every month from the 1960s or 1970s, or as Amazon calls it “the Golden Era of Vinyl.” Supposedly, the monthly vinyl is hand selected by Amazon Music’s experts, but no further details on that are shared, so who knows.

The website does, however, list artists like Led Zeppelin, Aretha Franklin, Pink Floyd, ABBA, Miles Davis, and Fleetwood Mac. So, a lot of the standards, not much else. Amazon does suggest the service as a gift for the “newbie collector,” billing it as “Perfect for the music lover who’s just fallen for analog sound.” The service lets you skip a month if needed, but doesn’t offer any more features or personalization beyond that, like tailoring the service to your preferred genres or opting for music outside those two decades.

Amazon’s Vinyl of the Month club is far from the most robust way to bolster your vinyl library, but it might be a decent (albeit slow) option for beginner collectors or anyone looking to fill in the gaps of their own collection. Also, why the service isn’t crazy expensive, you can still find plenty of great records online from these stores for a fraction of the price.

Vinyl Subscription Service

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