Amazon Is Making it Easier to Order 2-Hour Delivery


Amazon says that it’s shutting down the Prime Now app and website, which were the company’s dedicated hubs for 2-hour delivery and other Prime perks. When available, same-day shipping options will now appear in the normal Amazon app and website, streamlining the order experience (especially for groceries).

While Amazon hasn’t specified when Prime Now will enter retirement, it will shut down before the end of the year. Two-hour delivery features will arrive on the basic Amazon app in the coming months, along with ultrafast delivery support for select third-party retailers like Union Square Wines and Spirits in NYC.

Amazon also plans to offer last-minute additions for ultrafast orders, allowing you to add extra items to your delivery before it leaves the warehouse. Grocery delivery apps like DoorDash currently offer similar features.

The Prime Now app is already dead in India, Japan, and Singapore. While Amazon hasn’t announced a timeline for Prime Now’s retirement in the United States, the company says that 2-hour delivery will find its way to the basic Amazon app and website over the next few months.

Source: Amazon via CNBC

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