Amazon Could Turn the Kindle Into a Foldable E-Reader


Foldable display technology is becoming more reliable and affordable, and as a result, it may soon appear in places you never expected. A new report from Bloomberg’s Mike Gurman states that Amazon could add a foldable display to its Kindle e-reader, providing a more portable, book-like user experience.

While there aren’t any foldable e-readers on the market today, the E Ink corporation is currently developing the flexible E Ink technology needed for such a product. A prototype for this technology shown off in August 2020 likely piqued Amazon’s interest, which is why bigwigs within the company are mulling over the idea of a foldable Kindle.

In our experience, foldable display technology makes e-books a lot more compelling. A foldable display, or even a dual-display device like the Surface Duo, can split e-books into “pages” just like a regular book. Plus, foldables have tablet-sized displays but can still fit in your pocket when closed shut.

The Kindle could seriously benefit from these features. Plus, a foldable Kindle could reinvigorate the e-reader market, and it would help Amazon compete with specialty e-reader manufacturers like BOOX.

To clarify, Amazon isn’t manufacturing (or even experimenting with) a foldable Kindle just yet. The foldable Kindle is simply an idea that’s bouncing around within Amazon. It could never come to light, or it could arrive on the Amazon Marketplace a few years from now.

Source: Bloomberg

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