All the Wyze Products That Cost More Now (So Far)


In May, Wyze announced that component shortages could lead to sporadic price changes across its catalog. The company has since increased the price of its Video Doorbell, Wyze Cam, and more recently, its Wyze Home Monitoring kit. Now it seems that Wyze has quietly raised the price of its Thermostat, Bulb Color, and several other items.

Just to be clear, Wyze now includes shipping fees in the retail price for its items. The company made this change so that customers wouldn’t be surprised by shipping during the checkout process. Most of the items in the Wyze webstore have not gone up in price, although they may appear that way because shipping is now included in retail pricing.

But several items, like the Thermostat and Bulb Color, cost more than you’d expect with the combined retail and shipping fees:

It’s possible that Wyze is dealing with increased shipping costs on its end, which are then applied to the retail price of these items. But even if shipping fees have increased, does it cost $18 to send a pair of Wyze Headphones through the mail? We reached out to Wyze but are still waiting for the company to respond.

We will update this article if we encounter any new information, changes to pricing, or a statement from Wyze.

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