A Fan Might Be the Best Method of Deterring Mosquitos


Summer means more time outside. Whether that’s spent by the pool or on a patio, there’s always one major problem: mosquitos. Turns out, though, that the solution might be ultra-simple: a fan.

For those who don’t want to coat themselves in repellent or aren’t into homemade life hacks like citrus and clove, a fan is actually a major mosquito deterrent. Plus, hello, it keeps you cool in the hot weather.

How does a fan help repel mosquitoes? It’s pretty simple. House Beautiful spoke with David Price, an associate certified entomologist and technical director of pest control at Mosquito Joe. While it may seem like they can zip around anywhere they want, Price explains to the outlet that mosquitos actually aren’t very good at flying.


“If you set up a fan to run on low every time you’re on the patio to get air circulating, that will help a lot,” he tells the outlet. It’s not just a ceiling fan on your porch, either. Any type of fan will work.

Whether you already have a floor fan you use when outdoors or a simple, portable oscillating fan, the wind will help keep those pests away (and keep you cool).

You can check out Price’s other tips over on House Beautiful, and if you’ve already suffered the wrath of summer mosquitos, find some tips on dealing with bites here.

[Via House Beautiful]

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