A Bunch of Roku 4k Streaming Devices are On Sale at Amazon


Looking to upgrade your entertainment center and make it easier for you and your family members to find something good to watch? Now’s the time, as Amazon is having a sale on some of Roku’s 4K streaming sticks and more.

Roku Streaming Stick+

Save $10 on the Roku Streaming Stick+, which supports HD, 4K, and HDR streaming and even comes with a voice remote. With its long wireless range, it’s a great pick for TVs that aren’t right next to a router, like those in your basement or covered patio. It simply plugs into your TV’s HDMI port, and voila! You’re ready to stream beautiful 4K content from your favorite streaming services and channels.

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Roku Ultra 2020

Although it’s last year’s model, the Roku Ultra 2020 still offers powerful performance thanks to its quad-core processor. And now that it’s $30 off its original price—what’s not to love? The device offers cinematic streaming and supports both Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Plus, it comes with the Roku voice remote and has a built-in lost remote finder feature.

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Roku Premiere

You can now save $5 on the Roku Premiere HD/4K/HDR streaming media player, which comes with a simple remote and a premium high-speed HDMI cable. All you need to do to set it up is plug in the device via the HDMI cable and connect to the internet. From there, you can watch content from sources like Netflix and Sling TV and even program shortcut buttons to your favorite streaming services.

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Roku Ultra LT

The Roku Ultra LT ships with the enhanced Roku voice remote, a premium 6-foot 4K HDMI cable, and a 64GB SD microSD card for faster channel loading. It even includes a pair of headphones for when you don’t want to disrupt the rest of the house with what you’re watching. You can save $5 on it with this deal, and use it to enjoy your favorite HD, 4K, and HDR content either via dual-band Wi-Fi or a hardwired Ethernet connection.

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Roku Streambar

Need a good soundbar in addition to a streaming stick? The Roku Streambar has your back. It offers a huge sound for your living room and doubles as a 4K streaming device. The bar has four internal speakers that push out clear, rich, audio for your favorite shows and it supports Dolby Audio. You can even set it up to automatically lower the volume during annoying TV commercials. The Streambar can ship alone, or you can opt to throw in a subwoofer and even a surround sound set.

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Roku Smart Soundbar

The Roku Smart Soundbar is perfect for improving your audio no matter whether you’re watching action movies, sports, or even live news. Plus it can play HD, 4K, and HDR content from any of your favorite sources. The Soundbar is comprised of four inner speakers, which are calibrated for full, rich sound, and it seamlessly syncs with whatever’s playing on your TV. It even lets you customize certain audio elements, and can lower loud commercials with volume leveling. The remote also supports voice controls for easy navigation.

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