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Underlining looks like a easy sufficient job in Microsoft Word, however many instances there’s extra concerned. You can underline phrases, areas, phrases with areas, and phrases with out areas. We’ll present you many methods to make use of underline in Word.

Many individuals reserve underlining for web links whereas others discover it a great way to emphasise textual content in a doc. Along with the choices for underlining phrases and areas, you possibly can format it as a double, daring, or dotted line and take away an underline you’ve added. Let’s stroll by means of all of it!

Underline Words With Spaces

The most uncomplicated option to underline in Word is phrases with areas. You could have a phrase, sentence, or paragraph you need to underline.

Select the textual content after which apply the underline one in all these methods:

  • Click the Underline button within the Font part of the Home tab.
  • Press Ctrl+U on Windows or Control+U on Mac.

Text underlined with spaces in Word

Underline Words Without Spaces

Underlining phrases with out areas takes a bit extra work, particularly for sentences and paragraphs. You can choose every phrase, separately, after which apply the underline as described above utilizing the Underline button or keyboard shortcut. But there’s a quicker manner!

Select the textual content you need to underline, together with the areas. Right-click and choose “Font.”

Font in the context menu

In the Underline Style drop-down field, select “Words Only.” You can see a preview on the backside of the dialog field confirming that solely the phrases are underlined and never the areas. Then, click on “OK.”

Word Only for the Underline Style

You ought to have your phrase, sentence, or paragraph with underlines solely under the phrases.

Word underlined without spaces in Word

Underline Only Spaces

Maybe you’re making a doc akin to a printable type the place you need to underline areas to make a blank line. You’d assume that inserting a number of areas and making use of the underline to them could be the best way to go. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Here are two methods to underline areas.

How to Overline Text in Word

Method One: Use Tab Stops

You can use the default tab stops in Word that are 0.5 inches with every press of the Tab key. If you favor, you possibly can arrange your individual tab stops.

Press the Tab key the variety of instances essential to cowl the size you want. Then, choose the entire tab stops you simply inserted by dragging your cursor by means of them.

Selected tab stops

Click the Underline button within the ribbon or use a keyboard shortcut. You’ll then see your line, or underlined areas.

Underlined tab stops

Method Two: Use a Table

Another option to create underlined areas is by inserting a desk and adjusting the borders. Go to the Insert tab and choose the Table drop-down arrow. Choose the primary sq. which is the one-by-one desk.

One by one table size

When the desk seems, it ought to stretch the width of your doc. If not, drag the fitting facet in order that it does. Right-click and select “Table Properties.”

Table Properties in the context menu

Click “Borders and Shading” on the backside of the Table tab.

Borders and Shading on the Table tab

On the fitting facet of the dialog field, click on to take away the highest and facet borders, leaving solely the underside border. Click “OK” to use the change.

Borders removed from the table

You’ll then have a single line as your “underlined areas.”

Underlined spaces using a table

Change the Underline Format

You have a couple of other ways to alter the format on your underline. You can choose a double underline, a bolder line, or a dotted line in a wide range of types. And you possibly can change the road earlier than or after you apply the underline to your textual content or areas.

How to Add a Dotted Line in a Microsoft Word Document

To change the road fashion on the time you apply the underline, choose the textual content you need to underline. If you’ve already utilized the underline, choose the entire underlined textual content. Then, do one of many following.

Click the arrow subsequent to the Underline button within the Font part of the Home tab. Select the road fashion you need to use.

Underline button styles

Right-click the chosen textual content and choose “Font.”Choose the road within the Underline Style drop-down field and click on “OK.”

Underline Styles in the Font box

If you used the desk methodology above to underline areas, choose the desk and head again to Table Properties > Borders and Shading. Then, use the choices within the Style drop-down field.

Border Styles for a table

How to Remove an Underline

Removing an underline is as simple. Select the underlined textual content and click on the Underline button within the Font part on the Home tab. This deselects the Underline button and removes the underline out of your textual content.

Removed underline

Alternatively, you should utilize the shortcut Ctrl+U on Windows or Control+U on Mac.

Another option to take away an underline is to pick the underlined textual content, right-click, and select “Font.” Choose “None” within the Underline Style drop-down field and click on “OK.”

None selected in the Font box

If you inserted a desk for underlined areas, you possibly can take away the desk by right-clicking it and selecting “Delete Table.”

Delete Table in the context menu

Knowing how you can apply, format, and take away underlines in your Word paperwork is vital if that’s your most popular methodology of emphasizing textual content. But you too can highlight text or apply a format like bold or italics.

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