5 Projects to Do for Dad This Father’s Day


Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift? Why not give Dad a much-deserved break by taking on a task or project? Here are five ideas that are bound to make him happy.

Keep in mind, not everyone is okay with delegating work. Your dad might be the “don’t touch anything” or “it’s my way or the highway” type, which is fine. You can still offer a helping hand and follow his instructions.

Alternatively, you can gift your dad an experience, or get the kids to whip up a thoughtful homemade gift that goes beyond the typical razors and fuzzy steering wheel covers.

Now, it’s time to put on those rugged jeans and get to work.

A Deluxe Car Wash

Man washing his dad's car.

Who doesn’t like a squeaky-clean car? Even the pickiest of dads will be impressed with this one.

Start by getting a deluxe car wash kit you can leave with your dad after you scrub up his wheels. Then, surprise him by washing, waxing, and polishing his car before he even wakes up.


Take it to the next level by including a coupon book that’s good for several more car washes.

Don’t have time to wash the car yourself? Take it to a local carwash and bring it back looking shiny and new. It’ll still be a treat either way.

Yard Work

Maintaining a yard takes constant work, diligence, and plenty of sweat. Dad deserves a break!

Check in to see what’s at the top of his list, such as mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, or helping to fix the walkway. Then, pull out those work gloves and get to it!

If Dad’s yard is already immaculate, think of some ways you can improve it. You might add some LED walkway lights, string up a hammock for the ultimate in backyard relaxation, or help him plant some flowers.


Lastly, if Dad tends to grumble and moan about doing yard work, consider gifting him a monthly yard service. It doesn’t cost a fortune, and it’ll give him some time to focus on other, more rewarding pursuits.

Fix Things

Man fixing a loose door knob at his dad's house.

Chances are dad has a long to-do list of minor things to fix around the house. These might include replacing lightbulbs, fixing a wobbly door handle, or oiling a squeaky cabinet door. But when you add them all up, these jobs require quite a chunk of time.

So, lighten your dad’s load by tackling a couple of these little jobs for him. For bigger projects (or those that are risky if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge like fixing a broken garage door) help out by hiring it out to a pro who can fix it in a snap!

If you take on all the details, such as booking the appointment and paying for the job, you can ensure it’s completed to perfection.

Organize the Garage

Whether Dad has a garage, a basement, or a tool shed, it’s probably in need of a deep clean.

Don’t annoy him by just charging in and rearranging all his precious tools and equipment. Instead, set aside a full weekend to work on it together. Rope all the siblings and grandchildren into helping, too.

If this type of project seems overwhelming, consider hiring a professional organizational service. Sure, it might be pricey, but it’ll give you and your dad a chance to focus on other things, like golfing, fishing, or just chilling out.

Build Something

Do you and your dad have basic building skills? If so, consider diving into a fun DIY project this Father’s Day.

Remember, spending time working on a shared project is the real gift here. All dads love spending quality time with their adult kids. Involve your siblings and the grandchildren to make it a family-fun event.

You can start with a basic picnic table, floating shelves, an awesome grillzebo, or any of these 100 easy woodworking projects.

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to help your dad complete important tasks or projects. You can clean, repair, or build stuff together—or just do it for him! Either way, it’ll make your dad happy.

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