12 Fun Subscription Boxes to Gift Your Dad This Father’s Day

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Looking for a Father’s Day gift that your dad will love, can be gifted from afar, and will keep giving all year? Check out these awesome subscription boxes!

Whether traveling to see your dad isn’t an option this year, you want to give him a gift that will last all year, or you need a gift you can give him right now because you forgot to go shopping—hey we’ve all been there—we have great picks for every dad. Workout dad?  dad? Beer dad? Super comic fan dad? Whatever kind of dad you’re shopping for, there’s a little something for everybody.

If you’ve never given a subscription box here are some great reasons to consider. One of the best things about giving the gift of a subscription box is the recipient gets a whole box of stuff rather than just one thing. Plus, if you choose a subscription instead of just one box, your dad will get a gift each month, which is even better. There are tons of options out there, so you’re guaranteed to find something your dad will love this Father’s Day!

For Stylish Dads: SprezzaBox

An assortment of accessories in from a Sprezza Box.

If your dad loves to go the extra mile when it comes to clothing accessories and experimenting with new trends, he’ll probably love SprezzaBox. Each month, he’ll get a box of cool accessories that have been curated for him by expert stylists.

Boxes can be worth an average of $100 for only about $28 a month, so it’s a really great deal! They can include items like funky ties and socks, fun pocket squares, watches, chic sunglasses pouches, and a backpacks. This is a fun way to give your dad some stuff he’ll actually want to use, even if he might not seek it out himself.

You can get SprezzaBox for as low as $20 per month, depending on the plan you choose.

For the Meat Eater: Butcher Box

packages of meat in Butcher Box freezer bag
Butcher Box

If your dad is a bit of a foodie, why not gift him some food? Butcher Box is great whether he does the cooking, or someone else does it for him. It’s kind of a gift for the whole family!

Butcher Box will deliver a box of meat and/or chicken to his door each month, so it’s especially useful right now. The pork is heritage bred, the beef is 100 percent grass-fed and -finished, and the chicken is free-range organic.

Butcher Box offers several different options: The Mixed Box (which includes a bit of everything); The Beef and Pork Box, The Beef and Chicken Box, and The All Beef Box. There’s also a Custom Box, for which you can choose whatever you want, or you can opt for a Curated Box, which is a surprise each month.

Butcher Box starts at $129 per month depending on the plan you choose.

For the Dad into Skincare: Birchbox Men

examples of skincare products in Birchbox Men
Birchbox Men

Skincare isn’t for ladies only! If your dad loves trying out new face creams or grooming products—or if he just likes to try new things—Birchbox Men is a great gift for him.

After filling out a grooming profile, your dad will receive a box of goodies each month in sample and deluxe sample sizes. These can include everything from skincare products, like moisturizers and masks, to hair and shaving products.

Birchbox Men is $10 per month.

For the Dad Who Loves Stuff: Bespoke Post

accessories like headphones, tie, and hammer in Bespoke Post
Bespoke Post

Okay, yes, “stuff” sounds very random, but there are people who just love to own a lot of things. Others are more minimalist and tend to stick with the basics. If your dad likes a lot of little things, he’ll probably love Bespoke Post. The website describes it as “themed boxes for people who give a damn,” and, yeah, that’s basically it.

Bespoke Post searches for the best products out there, then puts them together in themed boxes. Each month, you (or your dad) can look at what’s on offer, pick the one you like, and have it delivered.

You can skip any time and there are no membership fees—you only pay for the boxes you want. For example, one box includes cigars, a wooden ashtray/candleholder, a candle, cedar spills, and a cigar cutter.

Bespoke Post is $45 per box. Your dad will have to fill out a quiz before signing up, so do that with him as a fun little activity. Check it out here.

For the Beer Drinker: Beer of the Month Club

assortment of beer bottles in Beer of the Month Club
Beer of the Month Club

There are few dads out there who don’t love an ice-cold brew once in a while, so the Beer of the Month Club is a pretty safe bet. This is a fun option if your dad is open to trying new and different beers, but not so much if he has a definite favorite.

Each month, the club sends 12 (three each of four types of beer), 12-ounce handcrafted beers from two U.S. microbreweries. It also comes with a newsletter that has detailed tasting notes, beer profiles, brewery histories, and suggested food pairings. He’ll learn all about what he’s drinking. It’s an easy way to introduce dad to his new favorite drink.

Beer of the Month Club is $32 per month (plus $15 S&H).

For the Geeky Dad: Lootcrate

sweatshirts and t-shirts in Deadpool Lootcrate

Is your dad obsessed with movies, TV shows, or maybe a cartoon or two? If he’s into typically geeky (and we mean that in the best way possible) things, then Lootcrate is a gift he’ll probably really appreciate. It’s a bit different from most of the other options on this list. For one thing, Lootcrate comes four times a year rather than every month.

There are also a bunch of different themed-Lootcrates. Some focus on a specific movie or TV show, and others focus on a game. There are also some limited-edition options and pop-culture crates.

Some examples of themed boxes include Harry Potter, Fallout, Deadpool, and Batman. Each box comes with unique, officially licensed collectibles, apparel, figures, memorabilia, and more based on the theme you choose.

Lootcrate offers tons of options ranging from monthly socks (which start at around $10 per crate) to limited edition fandom crates (that run up to $100 per crate). You can check out the whole collection here.

For the Beef Jerky Fan: JerkyGent

A JerkyGent box on top of a pile of different beef jerky packages.

Why buy the same old beef jerky at the grocery store when you can introduce your dad to a whole new JerkyGent world?  Once he’s subscribed, your dad will receive a box of carefully sourced artisan and craft beef jerky products. This isn’t your typical stuff—it’s much more unique and cool.

If you don’t want to do a subscription, the site even offers a Father’s Day gift box. It includes seven bags of craft jerky, a personalized gift note, a limited edition, stylish gift box, and you can even pick the date you want it to ship.

Jerky Gent starts at $16 per month depending on which box you choose. The smaller boxes have a $5 S&H fee, but the largest box includes free shipping.

For the Dad Who Works Out: The Gainzbox

Workout accessories and socks in Gainzbox
Gainz box

Dads who are committed to staying fit will be big fans of The Gainzbox, which makes that a little bit easier. Boxes include products from the top fitness brands, and each one has a different theme.

Past boxes have included items like sore muscle rubs, energy drinks, protein powder, T-shirts, and wearable packs to keep track of personal items no matter what you’re doing.

Gainz box is $32 per month ($7 S&H) and you’ll have to answer a few questions with your dad before you purchase.

For the Dad Who Loves Cocktails: Flaviar

cocktail and spirit samplers in Flaviar box

Flaviar describes itself as “a better way to experience fine spirits.” This is the perfect way to try out new spirits without feeling like you’re wasting any money. Plus, it’s a nice gift if your dad loves a good cocktail once in a while.

Don’t expect to receive items you’d find in the corner liquor store, though. Flaviar sources rare, mysterious spirits to make inaccessible drinks more accessible.

Every quarter, members get one tasting box and one full-size bottle, as well as access to free live tasting events to make things more interactive. They also get member pricing in the shop for whatever else they might want to buy.

Flaviar starts at $25 per month.

For the Coffee Lover: Blue Bottle

Blue Bottle subscription box
Blue Bottle

Whether your dad won’t go near a commercial chain or regularly visits Starbucks, he’ll love Blue Bottle if he loves a good cup of joe. Blue Bottle sends different hand-roasted, small-batch coffees each month for your dad to try.

There are several different options available. The Single Origin Assortment box includes one bag of single-origin coffee, the Blend Assortment offers a variety, and the Espresso Assortment is (obviously) for the dad who prefers espresso. There’s even a decaf option!

Blue Bottle starts at $8 per month depending on which plan you choose.

For the Foodie: Mantry

A box of food from Mantry

Who doesn’t love having unique snacks around? Mantry gives you just that, along with some extras. Each Mantry box includes six, full-size, hand-selected products from top American food makers, all delivered in a very cool signature wooden crate your dad won’t want to part with.

Each box has a different theme. Some past themes have included Bacon Brunch, which included maple syrup, oatmeal, and bacon chocolate; Take Me Out to the Ballgame, which had habanero chips, bacon jerky, and honey peanut butter, among other things; and Pizza Party, which included basically everything to make homemade pizza.

Mantry is $75 per box.

For the Professional: The Monthly Necktie Club

A man wearing a neck tie from the monthly neck tie club.
The Monthly Tie Club

If your dad wears a tie on a regular basis, he’ll need some new ones—especially if his office isn’t doing remote work anymore. Instead of buying him just one, get him a subscription to The Monthly Necktie Club. And yeah, sure, a tie is kind of a cliché Father’s Day gift, but some men really need a lot of them!

The Monthly Necktie Club has packages that start at $29 a month for a single silk necktie and go up from there for additional ties. There are also variations like a cufflink and pocket square package, also starting at $29 a month. Shipping is free on all options.


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