10 Edible (and Drinkable) Gift Options for Father’s Day 2021

Coopers Cask Coffee/Flaviar/Baja Beef

Father’s Day is coming up, but finding the right gift for dear old Dad can be tough. Sure, you want to choose something thoughtful, but you’ve probably already given him many of those more sentimental gifts over the years. If that’s where you find yourself this year, an edible (or drinkable) gift might be perfect!

Consumables are personal when you gift them, but once your pops eats or drinks them all up, he’ll be asking for more next year. From beer subscriptions to fancy imported cheeses, there’s a gift idea in here for every papa.

International Beer Subscription

Two images featuring beer of the month club subscription, which various bottles of beers to try.
Beer of the Month Club

Beer subscriptions will make your brew-loving dad one happy guy! Not only will you supply him with some of the best global beers offered in each shipment, but the membership also includes more than 12 bottles.

He will enjoy receiving a monthly newsletter with detailed tasting notes, brewery histories, and complementing food pairings for each beer. So, choose a fixed shipment between 2-12 months and give your pops a brew-a-licious gift that he’ll really love.

Hot Sauce Sampler from Around the World

Two images featuring Thoughtfully gifts hot sauce sampler from around the world.

If your dad puts hot sauce on everything, then a global sampler might just do the trick. He’ll have an opportunity to use these tasty little bottles over time, always having a selection of mild to fiery hot flavors.

From Baja mango to Hawaiian lava, he’ll get to explore the flavors of spice from around the globe! The best part is that Thoughtfully Gifts always comes beautifully prepackaged, so you can hand it over as it is or toss it into a gift bag for tradition’s sake.

Imported Cheese Assortment from Italy

An assortment of imported European cheeses by Marky's.

Marky’s offers a wide variety of fresh cheeses directly imported from various European countries. The company also offers fancy foie gras and caviar for the most sophisticated taste buds around.

If your dad can never have enough cheese in his meal, perhaps an assortment sampler of Italian cheeses will make him smile. The cheeses are delivered in a temperature-controlled, collapsible cooler bag, with next-day delivery on orders placed Monday-Thursday before 1 p.m. EST.

Beer and Bourbon Nuts

A tin box of beer & bourbon nuts, next to an aged bottle of whiskey and two glasses.
Sugar Plum

Give your pops an assortment of beer and bourbon-flavored nuts to snack on at any time. He’ll have Irish Stout cashews, Jamaican lager peanuts, and Kentucky bourbon almonds to enjoy, all encased in a lovely tin box.

Flaviar Spirits Club

Two images; the left image is a person holding a bottle of WhistlePig Rye, and the right image is a son pouring a glass of whiskey for his father, who is very happy with his Father's day gift.

Give your father an authentic distillery tour experience from the comfort of his home with this global spirits sampler subscription with Flaviar. He’ll have a chance to try exclusive releases not normally found in his local liquor store and discover new flavors without purchasing a full bottle.

Customize your father’s gift with exciting spirits that he’ll love by gifting three 1.5-ounce vials filled with premium spirits, along with cards to help him navigate the flavor profiles and aromas. You can choose a half- or one-year subscription.

Dulcet Baked Goodies Basket

Two images: The left image features a closed gift box ready to be gifted, and the right image features baked goods like brownies, whoopie pies and bunts.

For all those chocolate-loving dads, we give you the Dulcet gift basket. Ganache-covered treats, whoopie pies, blondies, and brownies galore make this basket one that he’ll enjoy receiving more than once.

Each pastry is baked to perfection, and Dulcet guarantees freshness in every package. It’s the perfect gift for any dad with a sweet tooth.

Baja Beef Jerky Sampler Pack

Two images featuring flavors of Baha beef jerky, including Lime & Serrano pepper beef jerky, and Crackin' Pepper jerky.
Baja Beef

If your pops loves snacking on quality beef jerky, you’ll have to give him some new flavors to try with a four- or eight-pack of Baja beef jerky.

With flavors ranging from Salsa Fresca to Sweet Orange, he’ll have all sorts of delicious new tastes to enjoy. This jerky is low-calorie and keto-friendly—but always made with 100% beef.


Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans

An image of packed Cooper's Cask coffee in rum barrel aged flavors, with someone holding a hot cup in their hands.
Coopers Cask Coffee

Bourbon, whiskey, and rum lovers will appreciate a hot morning cuppa, with a touch of spirits infused in each sip.

These barrel-aged coffee beans come in small batches to ensure quality flavor every time. For the best flavor, you always want to buy your beans whole and grind them at home. So, if your dad is a coffee aficionado, he’ll love this gift.


Chocolate Gift Basket

A lovely Bonnie and Pop box of assorted chocolates displayed, perfect for gifting.
Bonnie and Pop

This Bonnie and Pop assortment of chocolates is the perfect gift for any dad who loves indulging in bite-sized treats.

The box includes various types of chocolates, like English toffees, peppermint patties, silky truffles, and so much more. It’s a chocolate lover’s dream!

Craft Spice Blend Set for Grilling

Two images featuring Craft Spice Blends in flavors like IPA Chili seasoning, and Whiskey maple smoke rub.
Craft Spice Blends

If your dad is the family grill master (and also digs beer and/or spirits), then a set of craft spice blends will do the trick. He’ll love the IPA, bourbon, and whiskey flavors of these unique rubs.

Does your pops already have a large collection of spices and rubs? Then, be sure to check out these other gift ideas for grilling gurus.


If you’re looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, you’re not limited to whatever happens to be on the shelves at the shops. Give him the gift of a favorite food or drink that he can enjoy for months (or even all year long).

We have more gifts for dads that you can peruse if none of these quite fit the bill.

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